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1‘he caught the ball’

seize, grab, snatch, grab hold of, seize hold of, take hold of, lay hands on, lay one's hands on, get one's hands on, grasp, grip, clutch, clench, fasten on, pluck, hold, hang on to
receive, acquire, get, come into possession of, intercept


2‘we've caught a dangerous thief’

capture, seize
apprehend, take, arrest, lay hold of, take prisoner, take captive, take into custody, haul in
trap, snare, ensnare
net, hook, reel in, land, beach, bag
informal nab, collar, run in, bust, pull in, do, feel someone's collar
British informal pinch, nick


3‘the heel of Hannah's shoe had caught in a hole’

become trapped, become stuck, stick, become wedged, become entangled, become snarled up, become snagged, snag

4‘she caught the 7.45 bus’

be in time for, reach in time, make, get to
board, get on, enter, go on board, go aboard, step aboard, mount, ascend, embark
informal hop on, jump on
formal embus, entrain, emplane

miss, alight

5‘they were caught siphoning petrol from a car’

discover, detect, find, come across, come upon, stumble on, chance on, light on, bring to light, turn up, expose, find out, unmask
surprise, take by surprise, catch unawares, catch off guard, catch red-handed, catch in the act, catch out, burst in on

6‘it was the business scheme that had caught his imagination’

engage, capture, attract, draw, gain, grab, arrest, seize, hold, win, absorb, engross, rivet, grip, captivate, bewitch

7‘she caught a faint trace of discreet aftershave’

perceive, notice, observe, discern, detect, note, become aware of, make out, spot, see
British informal clock


8‘I had to strain my ears to catch what she was saying’

hear, perceive, recognize, discern, make out
understand, comprehend, grasp, take in, fathom, puzzle out, apprehend, get to the bottom of, unravel, decipher
follow, keep up with
informal get, get the drift of, get the hang of, catch on to, latch on to, make head or tail of, figure out, get the picture, get the message
British informal twig, suss out, suss

9‘the scenes caught the flavour of London in the sixties’

evoke, conjure up, suggest, summon up, call to mind, recall, express, reproduce, represent, show, encapsulate, capture, record
film, photograph, draw, paint

10‘the blow caught her on the side of her face’

hit, strike, slap, smack, crack, bang, connect with, contact


11‘he served in Macedonia, where he caught malaria’

become infected with, contract, get, take, become ill with, become sick with, fall ill with, fall sick with, be taken ill with, show symptoms of, succumb to, develop, come down with, go down with, sicken for, fall victim to, be struck down with, be stricken with
British go down with
informal take ill with
North American informal take sick with

shake off, escape

12‘as the kindling caught he added larger pieces of wood’

ignite, become ignited, burn, start burning, flame, catch fire, take fire, burst into flames, flame up, kindle

go out

13‘the generator caught immediately’

start, start running, fire, begin working, go, function, operate



1‘he scooped up the net to inspect the catch’

haul, net, bag, take, yield, booty, prize

2‘I think you're a good catch’

eligible man, eligible woman, prospect, marriage prospect, match, suitable husband, suitable spouse, suitable wife

3‘he put a hand inside the window, trying to slip the catch’

latch, lock, fastener, fastening, clasp, hasp, hook, bar, clip, bolt
Scottish sneck, snib

4‘the suspicious customer is always looking for the catch’

snag, disadvantage, drawback, stumbling block, hitch, fly in the ointment, joker in the pack, pitfall, complication, problem, hiccup, hindrance, difficulty, setback, hurdle, downside, minus
trap, trick, snare, wile, dodge
British disbenefit
informal ploy, con

5‘there was a catch in her voice’

tremor, unevenness, shake, shakiness, quiver, quivering, wobble


    catch it

    ‘I'll catch it if he finds me here’

    be reprimanded, be scolded, be rebuked, be taken to task, be admonished, be chastised, be castigated, get into trouble, be hauled over the coals
    be told off, be for it, be for the high jump, get into deep water, get into hot water, get into shtook, get a dressing-down, get an earful, get a roasting, get a rocket, get a rollicking, get a rap over the knuckles, get a slap on the wrist
    catch up

    ‘he stopped and waited for Lily to catch up’

    draw level
    get to, come to, reach
    gain on, gain
    catch on

    1‘as radio caught on, politicians became increasingly aware of the medium's power’

    become popular, take off, become fashionable, come into fashion, come into vogue, boom, flourish, thrive
    informal become trendy, become all the rage

    2‘it's double Dutch to me at the moment, but I catch on fast’

    understand, comprehend, learn, realize
    find out, see the light, see daylight, work out what's going on, get the point
    informal cotton on, tumble, latch on, get the picture, get the message, get the drift, get wise, see what's what, understand what's what
    British informal twig