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1‘the cause of the fire has not been found’

source, root, origin, beginning, beginnings, starting point, seed, germ, genesis, agency, occasion
mainspring, base, basis, foundation, bottom, seat
originator, author, creator, producer, agent, prime mover, maker
fons et origo
literary fountainhead, wellspring, fount, begetter
rare radix

effect, result

2‘there is no cause for alarm’

reason, grounds, justification, call, need, necessity, occasion, basis, motive, motivation, inducement, excuse, pretext, purpose, stimulus, provocation

3‘aid projects must serve the cause of human rights’

principle, ideal, belief, belief in, conviction, tenet
object, end, aim, objective, purpose, interest
movement, enterprise, undertaking, charity

4‘he visited Germany to plead his cause with politicians’

case, suit, lawsuit, action, dispute, contention, point of view


1‘this disease can cause blindness’

bring about, give rise to, be the cause of, lead to, result in, create, begin, produce, generate, originate, engender, spawn, occasion, effect, bring to pass, bring on, precipitate, prompt, provoke, kindle, trigger, make happen, spark off, touch off, stir up, whip up, induce, inspire, promote, foster
literary beget, enkindle
rare effectuate

result from