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1‘troops set up a road block and checked all vehicles’

examine, inspect, look at, look over, scrutinize, scan, survey
study, investigate, research, probe, dissect, explore, look into, inquire into, go into, go over with a fine-tooth comb
check out, test, monitor, review
informal give something a once-over, give something the once-over, give something a look-see, give something a going-over

2‘he checked that the gun was cocked’

make sure, confirm, verify, corroborate, validate, substantiate

3‘two successive defeats checked their progress’

halt, stop, arrest, bring to a standstill, cut short
bar, obstruct, hamper, impede, inhibit, frustrate, foil, thwart, stand in the way of, prevent, curb, block, stall, hold up, interfere with, retard, delay, slow down, brake, put a brake on
stem, staunch
archaic stay

4‘her tears could not be checked’

suppress, repress, restrain, contain, control, curb, rein in, bridle, smother, muffle, stifle, keep in check, hold back, swallow, choke back, fight back, bite back, bottle up
informal nip in the bud, keep a lid on



1‘they did an official check of the records’

examination, inspection, scrutiny, scrutinization, check-up, perusal, study, investigation, probe, dissection, analysis, assessment, inquiry
test, trial, assay, monitoring
informal once-over, going-over, look-see
rare anatomization

2‘a permanent check on the abuse of authority’

control, restraint, constraint, break, bridle, curb, deterrent, hindrance, impediment, obstruction, inhibition, limitation

3‘the waitress arrived with the check’

bill, account, invoice, statement, list of charges, tally
amount due
informal the damage
North American informal tab
British informal, dated shot
archaic reckoning, score


    check in

    ‘at the airport they check in at a special desk’

    report, report one's arrival, record one's arrival, book oneself in, book in, enrol, register
    check out

    ‘she checked out of the hotel without saying goodbye’

    leave, vacate, depart from, exit from, take one's leave from
    pay the bill, pay up, settle up
    check something out

    1‘the police have checked out dozens of leads’

    investigate, look into, inquire into, probe, research, sound out, examine, go over, go through, vet
    assess, weigh up, analyse, evaluate
    follow up
    informal suss out, recce, give something a once-over, give something the once-over, give something a going-over
    North American informal scope out
    rare anatomize

    2‘she checked herself out in the mirror’

    look at, observe, survey, gaze at, regard, inspect, contemplate
    take note of
    informal have a gander at, have a squint at, get a load of
    British informal take a dekko at, have a butcher's at, take a shufti at, clock
    North American informal eyeball
    keep something in check

    ‘I strive to keep my temper in check’

    curb, restrain, hold back, keep under control, keep a tight rein on, bridle, rein in, rein back
    control, govern, master, repress, suppress, subdue, stifle, smother, tone down
    informal keep a lid on, nip in the bud