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1‘Carolyn chewed a mouthful of toast’

masticate, munch, champ, chomp, crunch, bite, nibble, gnaw, grind
eat, consume, devour
technical manducate, triturate
rare chumble


    chew the fat

    ‘he liked drinking with friends and chewing the fat’

    chat, talk, converse, speak to each other, discuss things, have a talk, have a chat, have a tête-à-tête, have a conversation
    informal have a confab, jaw, rap, yak, yap
    British informal natter, rabbit, have a chinwag, chinwag
    North American informal shoot the breeze, visit
    Australian, New Zealand informal mag
    formal confabulate
    chew something over

    ‘the doctor chewed over possible responses’

    meditate on, ruminate on, think about, think over, think through, mull over, contemplate, consider, weigh up, ponder on, deliberate on, reflect on, muse on, cogitate about, dwell on, take stock of, give thought to, turn over in one's mind, consider the pros and cons of
    brood over, wrestle with, puzzle over, rack one's brains about
    North American think on
    informal kick about, kick around, bat about, bat around
    archaic pore on
    rare cerebrate