Synonyms of circumstances in English:


See UK English definition of circumstance

plural noun

1‘a combination of favourable political and economic circumstances’

situation, conditions, set of conditions, state of affairs, things, position
events, turn of events, incidents, occurrences, happenings, episodes
factors, context, background, environment
informal circs
vulgar slang shit

2‘Jane explained the circumstances to him’

the facts, the details, the particulars, the picture, how things stand, the lie of the land, how the land lies, the case
British the state of play
North American the lay of the land
informal what's what, the score, the set-up

3‘a desire to improve their circumstances’

financial position, material position, financial situation, material situation, financial status, material status, station in life, lot, lifestyle
resources, means, finances, income
plight, predicament