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1‘I gave him a clout on the ear’

smack, slap, thump, punch, blow, hit, knock, bang, cuff, box, spanking, spank, tap, clip
coloquial whack, wallop, clobbering, sock

2‘the negotiating clout of a large business’

influence, power, pull, weight, sway, leverage, control, say, mastery, dominance, domination, advantage
authority, prestige, standing, stature, rank
coloquial teeth, beef, muscle


1‘he started to clout me around the head’

hit, strike, punch, smack, slap, cuff, thump, beat, batter, pound, pummel, thrash, rap, spank, buffet, hammer, bang, knock, box someone's ears
wallop, belt, whack, clobber, sock, clip, bop, biff, swipe, tan, lay one on