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1‘a circus clown’

comic entertainer, Pierrot, comedian
historical jester, fool, zany, harlequin, merry andrew, Punchinello

2‘I was always the class clown’

joker, comedian, comic, humorist, wag, wit, funny girl, funny man, funny woman, prankster, jester, jokester, buffoon, character
informal case, hoot, scream, laugh, kidder, wisecracker, riot, barrel of laughs
Australian, New Zealand informal hard case
informal, dated card, caution

3‘the department is staffed with bureaucratic clowns’

fool, idiot, dolt, nincompoop, blockhead, dunce, dunderhead, simpleton, ignoramus, donkey, jackass, dullard
bungler, blunderer, incompetent, bumbler, botcher, amateur
informal moron, clot, dope, mutt, chump, numbskull, twit, nitwit, halfwit, bonehead, fathead, birdbrain, twerp, berk, ninny
British informal bodger, prat, numpty, berk, nit, ass
British vulgar slang knobhead


1‘Harvey clowned around, pretending to be a dog’

fool around, fool about, play the fool, act foolishly, act the clown, act the fool, act the goat, play about, play around, monkey about, monkey around, play tricks, indulge in horseplay, engage in high jinks
joke, jest
informal mess about, mess around, horse about, horse around, dick around
British informal muck about, muck around, lark, lark about, lark, lark around
North American informal cut up
British vulgar slang piss about, piss around, arse about, arse around, bugger about, bugger around
dated play the giddy goat