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1‘he commanded his men to retreat’

order, give orders to, give the order to, tell, direct, instruct, call on, enjoin, adjure, charge, require, prescribe
literary bid

2‘he commanded a tank unit’

be in charge of, be in command of, have charge of, have control of, be the leader of, be the boss of, preside over, be in authority over, hold sway over
head, lead, rule, govern, control, direct, guide, manage, supervise, superintend, oversee
be in the driver's seat, be in the saddle, be at the helm, take the chair
informal head up, run the show, call the shots, call the tune

3‘the clergy command great respect from the population’

receive, be given, get, gain, obtain, secure


1‘the officers shouted their commands’

order, instruction, directive, direction, commandment, injunction, demand, stipulation, requirement, exhortation, bidding, request
decree, dictate, diktat, edict, ruling, resolution, pronouncement, ordinance, mandate, fiat, precept
literary behest
archaic hest
rare rescript

2‘he had sixteen men under his command’

authority, control, charge, power, direction, dominion, domination, influence, sway, guidance
leadership, mastery, rule, government, management, supervision, superintendence, administration, jurisdiction

3‘she had a brilliant command of English’

knowledge, mastery, grasp, grip, comprehension, understanding
ability in, fluency in