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1‘he works for the world's biggest oil company’

firm, business, corporation, house, establishment, agency, office, bureau, institution, organization, operation, concern, enterprise, venture, undertaking, practice
conglomerate, consortium, syndicate, group, chain, combine, multiple, multinational
informal outfit, set-up

2‘I was greatly looking forward to the pleasure of his company’

companionship, presence, friendship, fellowship, closeness, amity, camaraderie, comradeship
society, association

3‘I'm expecting company’

guests, a guest, visitors, a visitor, callers, a caller, people, someone
archaic visitants

4‘he disentangled himself from the surrounding company of poets’

group, crowd, body, party, band, collection, assembly, assemblage, cluster, flock, herd, horde, troupe, swarm, stream, mob, throng, congregation, gathering, meeting, convention
informal bunch, gang, gaggle, posse, crew, pack
British informal shower

5‘he recognized the company of infantry as French’

unit, section, detachment, troop, corps, squad, squadron, platoon, battalion, division


    keep someone company

    ‘we had originally gotten him a dog to keep him company while we were away’

    accompany, go with, go along with, travel with, tag along with, partner, escort, chaperone, attend, follow, conduct, lead, take, show, see, guide, steer, usher, pilot, convoy, help, assist, show someone the way
    lead the way
    Scottish chum
    rare company, bear someone company, companion