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1‘she blushed at the unexpected compliment’

flattering remark, tribute, accolade, commendation, bouquet, pat on the back, encomium
praise, acclaim, acclamation, plaudits, admiration, approbation, homage, eulogy
flattery, blandishments, blarney, honeyed words
Norteamericano coloquial, anticuado trade last
marginal laudation, eulogium

insult, criticism

2compliments‘my compliments on your cooking’

congratulations, praise, commendations
Norteamericano coloquial kudos

3compliments‘Lady Margaret sent her compliments to him’

greetings, good wishes, best wishes, regards, respects, salutations, felicitations
arcaico remembrances
arcaico devoirs


1‘critics fell over themselves to compliment his performance’

praise, sing the praises of, heap praise on, pay tribute to, speak highly of, speak well of, flatter, say nice things about, express admiration for, wax lyrical about, make much of, congratulate, commend, acclaim, pat on the back, take one's hat off to, throw bouquets at, applaud, salute, honour, eulogize, extol
Britanico coloquial big someone up, big something up
Norteamericano coloquial ballyhoo
anticuado cry someone up, cry something up, crack someone up, crack something up
arcaico emblazon
marginal laud, panegyrize, felicitate

criticize, condemn