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1‘the meeting concluded at 9 o'clock’

finish, end, come to an end, draw to a close, wind up, be over, stop, terminate, close, cease

start, begin, commence

2‘he concluded the press conference with another announcement about welfare reform’

bring to an end, bring to a close, finish, close, wind up, terminate, dissolve
round off
informal wrap up
dated put a period to

start, begin, open

3‘an attempt to conclude a ceasefire’

negotiate, reach an agreement on, agree, come to terms on, reach terms on, broker, settle, seal, set the seal on, clinch, finalize, tie up, complete, shake hands on, close, bring about, arrange, effect, engineer, accomplish, establish, resolve, work out, pull off, bring off, thrash out, hammer out
informal sew up, swing, button up

4‘from this letter, one can only conclude that he was a rather unpleasant man’

come to the conclusion, deduce, infer, draw the inference, gather, judge, decide
assume, presume, suppose, conjecture, surmise
North American figure
informal reckon
archaic collect