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1‘townspeople regularly complained about students' conduct’

behaviour, way of behaving, performance, comportment, demeanour, bearing, deportment
actions, acts, activities, deeds, doings, handiwork, exploits, ways, habits, practices, manners

2‘the conduct of the elections’

management, managing, running, direction, control, controlling, overseeing, supervision, regulation, leadership, masterminding, administration, organization, coordination, orchestration, handling, guidance, carrying out, carrying on
formal prosecution


1‘the election was conducted according to new electoral law’

manage, direct, run, be in control of, control, oversee, supervise, be in charge of, preside over, regulate, mastermind, administer, organize, coordinate, orchestrate, handle, guide, govern, lead, carry out, carry on

2‘Lucien was conducted through a maze of corridors’

escort, guide, lead, usher, pilot, accompany, show, show someone the way
shepherd, herd, drive, convoy
see, bring, take, help, assist

3‘aluminium, being a metal, readily conducts heat’

transmit, convey, carry, transfer, pass on, hand on, communicate, impart, channel, bear, relay, dispatch, mediate
disseminate, spread, circulate, diffuse, radiate


    conduct oneself

    ‘I am proud of the way they conducted themselves’

    behave, perform, act, acquit oneself, bear oneself, carry oneself
    rare comport oneself, deport oneself