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1‘the inflation figure confounded economic analysts’

amaze, astonish, dumbfound, stagger, surprise, startle, stun, stupefy, daze, nonplus
throw, shake, unnerve, disconcert, discompose, dismay, bewilder, set someone thinking, baffle, mystify, bemuse, perplex, puzzle, confuse
take someone's breath away, take by surprise, take aback, shake up, stop someone in their tracks, strike dumb, leave open-mouthed, leave aghast, catch off balance
North American informal buffalo
informal flabbergast, floor, knock for six, knock sideways, knock out, knock the stuffing out of someone, bowl over, blow someone's mind, blow away, flummox, discombobulate, faze, stump, beat, fox, make someone scratch their head, be all Greek to, fog
archaic wilder, gravel, maze, cause to be at a stand, distract, pose
rare obfuscate

2‘the bad boy of country music has always confounded expectations’

invalidate, negate, contradict, counter, go against, discredit, give the lie to, drive a coach and horses through
quash, explode, demolish, shoot down, destroy
disprove, prove wrong, prove false, falsify
informal shoot full of holes, blow sky-high
rare controvert, confute, negative