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1‘Ernie felt constrained to explain further’

compel, force, coerce, drive, impel, oblige, prevail on, require
press, push, pressure, pressurize, urge, bully, dragoon, browbeat
informal railroad, bulldoze, steamroller, hustle, twist someone's arm, strong-arm, lean on, put the screws on

2‘prices were constrained by continuing state controls’

restrict, limit, curb, check, restrain, regulate, contain, hold back, keep down

3‘only by acting on the systems which constrain them can women hope to free themselves’

confine, restrain, restrict, impede, hamstring, balk, frustrate, stifle, hinder, hamper, check, retard, cramp, rein in
shut in, hem in, fence in, close in, lock in, coop up, chain, lock up, imprison, incarcerate, intern
literary trammel