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1‘a taxi service conveyed guests to Cerrig station’

transport, carry, bring, take, fetch, bear, move, ferry, shuttle, shift, transfer
send, forward, deliver, dispatch
channel, pipe, conduct

2‘Mr Marr has conveyed the information to me’

communicate, pass on, make known, impart, relay, transmit, send, hand on
tell, relate, recount, announce, reveal, disclose, divulge

3‘it's impossible to convey how lost I felt’

express, communicate, indicate, tell, say, put across, put over, get across, get over

4‘he conveys an air of managerial competence’

project, exude, emit, emanate, send forth

5‘a deed conveying property to a trustee’

transfer, give the right of, give the title of, grant, cede, devolve, lease
bequeath, leave, will, pass on
North American deed
Law demise, devise