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1‘police and social services cooperated in the operation’

collaborate, work together, work side by side, act together, act jointly, pull together, band together, come together, get together, join forces, team up, unite, combine, merge, amalgamate, pool resources, club together, make common cause, form an alliance
coordinate with each other, liaise with each other
conspire, connive, collude, be in collusion, work hand in glove
informal gang up
rare coact

2‘they were more than happy to cooperate’

be of assistance, assist, help, lend a hand, be of service, give one's support, give one's backing, contribute, chip in, do one's bit, throw in one's lot
participate, take part, join in, get involved, go along
informal pitch in, play ball, tag along, get in on the act
British informal muck in, get stuck in