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1‘his corpulent figure seemed to fill the small pulpit’

fat, fattish, obese, overweight, plump, portly, stout, chubby, paunchy, beer-bellied, thickset, hefty, heavy, heavyset, burly, bulky, chunky, well padded, well covered, well upholstered, meaty, fleshy, rotund, round, well rounded, broad, broad in the beam, of ample proportions, big, large, gargantuan, elephantine
informal tubby, pudgy, beefy, porky, roly-poly, blubbery, poddy
British informal podgy, fubsy, lard-arsed
North American informal zaftig, corn-fed
Australian, New Zealand nuggety
technical pyknic
archaic squabby, pursy
rare abdominous