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1‘the court found him guilty’

court of law, law court, bench, bar, court of justice, judicature, tribunal, forum, chancery, assizes
palais de justice

2‘a tennis court’

playing area, enclosure, field, ground, ring, rink, green, alley, stadium, track, arena
British close
informal park

3‘walking in the castle court’

yard, courtyard, quadrangle, square, close, enclosure, precinct, esplanade
plaza, patio
cloister, arcade
South African lapa
informal quad

4‘they often put on plays for the Queen's court’

royal household, establishment, retinue, entourage, train, suite, escort, company, attendant company, staff, personnel, cortège, following, bodyguard
aides, members of court, courtiers, companions, attendants, servants, retainers, associates, followers

5‘she made her way to Queen Elizabeth's court in England’

royal residence, palace, castle, manor, hall
historical seraglio

6‘statesmen came to pay court to the king’

homage, deference, obedience, suit, courtship, blandishments, respects, attention, addresses
woo, court, make up to, make advances to, pursue, seek the favour of
grovel to, creep to, crawl to, bow and scrape to, toady to, be obsequious to, be servile to, be sycophantic to, abase oneself to, demean oneself to, defer to, ingratiate oneself with, curry favour with, fawn on, flatter, dance attendance on, truckle to, submit to
informal suck up to, lick someone's boots, butter up, brown-nose
Australian, New Zealand informal smoodge to
British vulgar slang kiss the arse of
North American vulgar slang kiss the ass of


1‘Western politicians courted the leaders of the newly independent states’

curry favour with, make up to, play up to
ingratiate oneself with, cultivate, seek the favour of, try to win over, try to get on the good side of
be obsequious towards, grovel to, be servile towards, be sycophantic towards, kowtow to, pander to, abase oneself to, demean oneself to, bow and scrape to, prostrate oneself to, toady to, truckle to, dance attendance on, fawn on, fawn over
informal suck up to, crawl to, creep to, be all over, lick someone's boots, fall all over, rub up the right way, keep someone sweet, sweet-talk, soft-soap, butter up
North American brown-nose
British vulgar slang kiss someone's arse, lick someone's arse
North American vulgar slang kiss someone's ass, lick someone's ass
archaic blandish

2‘he was busily courting public attention’

seek, try to obtain, pursue, go after, strive for, go for, push towards, work towards, be intent on, aim at, aim for, have as a goal, have as an objective, aspire to
solicit, ask for

3‘I knew I was courting disaster climbing without a rope’

risk, invite, attract, provoke, be likely to cause, bring on oneself
be likely to lead to

4‘he's courting her sister’

woo, go out with, be involved with, be romantically linked with, pursue, run after, chase, seek the company of, make advances to, make up to, flirt with
informal see, go steady with, date, chat up, make eyes at, make sheep's eyes at, give the come-on to, be all over
Australian informal track with, track square with
dated set one's cap at, pay addresses to, romance, pay suit to, pay court to, seek the hand of, make love to
archaic spark

5‘we saw the film when we were courting’

go out together, go out, go with each other, keep company
informal date, go steady