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1‘the car crashed into a tree’

smash into, collide with, be in collision with, come into collision with, hit, strike, ram, smack into, slam into, bang into, cannon into, plough into, meet head-on, run into, drive into, bump into, knock into, crack against, crack into
dash against
North American impact

2‘he has crashed his car again’

smash, wreck, bump
British write off
British informal prang
North American informal total

3‘burning timbers crashed to the ground’

fall, plunge, hurtle, plummet, topple, tumble, overbalance, pitch

4‘waves crashed against the shore’

be hurled, dash
batter, pound, pummel, lash, slam into

5‘he crashed down the telephone receiver’

slam, bang, ram, smack

6‘thunder crashed overhead’

boom, crack, roll, clap, explode, bang, blast, resound, reverberate, rumble, thunder, ring out, sound loudly, blare, echo, fill the air
clash, clang, clank, clatter, smash

7‘he used up his fortune repaying creditors after his clothing company crashed’

fail, collapse, fold, fold up, go under, founder, be ruined, cave in
go bankrupt, become insolvent, cease trading, go into receivership, go into liquidation, be liquidated, be wound up, be closed, be closed down, be shut, be shut down
informal go broke, go bust, go bump, go to the wall, go belly up, come a cropper, flop, flatline

8‘they crashed someone's party’

gatecrash, come uninvited to, sneak into, slip into, invade, butt in on, intrude into, intrude on
informal horn in on


1‘there was a crash on the main road’

accident, collision, bump, car crash, car accident, road accident, traffic accident, multiple crash, multiple collision
rail accident, derailment
air accident, air crash
British smash, road traffic accident, RTA
North American wreck
informal smash-up, pile-up, shunt
British informal prang

2‘I heard the crash when you knocked the statue over’

bang, smash, smack, crack, boom, bump, thud, thump, slam, clunk, clonk, clash, clang
report, explosion, detonation, shot
clangour, racket, din
informal wham, whump

3‘the crash of the company meant that 150 jobs would go’

failure, collapse, foundering, ruin, ruination
bankruptcy, insolvency, cessation of trading, receivership, liquidation, winding up, closure, shutting


1‘a crash course in diesel engine maintenance’

intensive, concentrated, telescoped, high-pressure, strenuous, vigorous, all-out, thorough, in-depth, all-absorbing, total-immersion, rapid, urgent