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1‘the sculpture has been created out of Portland stone’

generate, produce, design, make, fabricate, fashion, manufacture, build, construct, erect, do, turn out
bring into being, originate, invent, initiate, engender, devise, frame, develop, shape, form, mould, forge, concoct, hatch
informal knock together, knock up, knock off


2‘regular socializing creates a good working team spirit’

bring about, result in, cause, be the cause of, give rise to, lead to, breed, generate, engender, produce, make, make for, prompt, promote, foster, sow the seeds of, contribute to, stir up, whip up, inspire
literary enkindle


3‘the governments planned to create a free-trade zone’

establish, found, institute, constitute, inaugurate, launch, set up, put in place, start, lay the foundations of
form, organize, develop, build up
get something going, get something moving, get something working
informal kick something off

4‘she was created a life peer in 1990’

appoint, make, install as, invest
name, nominate, designate

5‘sometimes a child is created to replace the loss of another’

conceive, give birth to, bring into the world, bring into being, bring into existence, give life to, father, sire, spawn, produce
North American birth
informal drop
literary beget