Synonyms of credit in English:


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1‘the writer got a very good press and a lot of credit’

praise, commendation, acclaim, approval, approbation, acknowledgement, recognition, kudos, hat tip, glory, merit, regard, esteem, respect, admiration, adulation, veneration, tributes
thanks, gratitude, appreciation
informal bouquets, brownie points
rare laudation, extolment, eulogium

2‘the speech did his credit no good in the House of Commons’

reputation, repute, character, image, name, good name, prestige, influence, standing, status, regard, esteem, estimation
credibility, acceptability
Indian izzat
informal clout
North American informal rep, rap
archaic honour, report
rare reputability

3‘these men are a credit to their country’

source of honour, source of pride, feather in the cap, asset, proud boast, glory, flower, gem, treasure

4‘his theory has been given very little credit’

credence, belief, faith, trust, reliance, confidence

5‘the shop would be paid whether her credit was good or bad’

financial standing, financial status, solvency


1‘the wise will seldom credit all they hear’

believe, accept, give credence to, have confidence in, trust, have faith in, rely on, depend on, count on
informal go for, fall for, buy, swallow, swallow something hook, line, and sinker, take something as gospel


2‘the success of the scheme can be credited to the team's frugality’

ascribe, attribute, assign, accredit, chalk up, put down, set down, impute
lay at the door of, connect with, associate with
informal stick something on

3‘he was credited with inventing the lyre’

be accredited with, be recognized as, be given the credit for, be held responsible for


    on credit

    ‘he purchased £300 worth of goods on credit’

    by deferred payment, by instalments, on account
    British on hire purchase, on HP, on the HP
    informal on tick, on the slate
    British informal on the never-never