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1‘kidnapping is a very serious crime’

offence, unlawful act, illegal act, breach of the law, infraction of the law, violation of the law, misdemeanour, misdeed, wrong, felony, violation, transgression, fault, injury
Law malfeasance, malefaction, tort
archaic trespass

2‘the reduced police presence has brought an increase in crime’

lawbreaking, delinquency, wrongdoing, transgression, misconduct, criminality, illegality, villainy, felony, corruption
informal crookedness, shadiness, dodginess
Law malfeasance, malefaction
archaic knavery
rare malversation

3‘they condemned apartheid as a crime against humanity’

immoral act, sin, evil, evil action, wrong, wrongdoing, atrocity, abomination, enormity, disgrace, outrage, monstrosity, violation, abuse, injustice, affront