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1‘sugar producers have been crippled by plummeting prices’

ruin, destroy, wipe out, crush, break
impair, hamstring, hamper, impede, cramp, spoil, sabotage, scotch, scupper, bring to a standstill, paralyse, enfeeble, weaken, render powerless, put out of action, put out of business, bankrupt, make bankrupt, make insolvent, impoverish, reduce to penury, bring someone to their knees
informal clean out, put the kibosh on, do for
North American informal rain on someone's parade
archaic bring to naught
rare vitiate, beggar, pauperize


2‘the car crash crippled a young woman for life’

disable, paralyse, immobilize, incapacitate, debilitate
maim, impair, damage, injure, hamstring
rare torpefy