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1‘the crook got five years for swindling two families’

criminal, lawbreaker, offender, villain, black hat, delinquent, malefactor, culprit, wrongdoer, transgressor, sinner
young offender, juvenile delinquent
felon, thief, robber, armed robber, burglar, housebreaker, shoplifter, mugger, fraudster, confidence trickster, swindler, racketeer, gunman, gangster, outlaw, bandit, terrorist, rapist
South East Asian holdupper
informal con, jailbird, lag, old lag, lifer, baddie, shark, con man, con artist, hustler
British informal crim
North American informal yardbird, yegg
South African informal lighty
West Indian informal tief
British rhyming slang tea leaf
informal, dated cracksman
malfeasant, misfeasor, infractor
archaic miscreant, trespasser, trusty, transport
rare peculator, defalcator

law-abiding citizen

2‘the leopard sat in the crook of a tree branch’

bend, curve, curvature, kink, bow, elbow, angle, fork, intersection
technical flexure


1‘he crooked his finger and called over the waiter’

cock, flex, bend, curve, curl, angle, hook, bow