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1‘his grave is marked by a bronze cross’

crucifix, rood

2‘his wife's illness is a great cross to bear’

burden, trouble, worry, trial, tribulation, affliction, curse, bane, hardship
vicissitude, misfortune, adversity
millstone, albatross
misery, woe, pain, sorrow, suffering, torment
thorn in one's flesh, thorn in one's side
informal hassle, stress, headache
archaic cumber


3‘the animal is a cross between a yak and a cow’

hybrid, hybridization, cross-breed, mixed breed, half-breed, half blood, mixture, amalgam, blend, combination, composite, conglomerate
mongrel, cur


1‘I warn you not to cross the moors at night’

travel across, go across, cut across, make one's way across, traverse, range over, tramp over, wander over
negotiate, navigate, cover

2‘the lake was crossed by a fine stone bridge’

span, bridge, arch, ford
go across, extend across, stretch across, pass over, arch over, vault over

3‘they reached the point where the two roads cross’

intersect, meet, join, connect, criss-cross, interweave, intertwine

4‘if anybody crossed him he'd raise hell’

oppose, resist, defy, thwart, frustrate, foil, obstruct, impede, hinder, hamper, block, check, deny, contradict, argue with, quarrel with
stand up to, take a stand against, take issue with, put up a fight against, set one's face against, fly in the face of
formal gainsay
rare controvert


5‘the breed was crossed with the similarly coloured Friesian’

hybridize, cross-breed, interbreed, cross-fertilize, cross-pollinate, intercross, mix, intermix, blend


1‘he was exhausted, but he never got cross’

angry, annoyed, irate, irritated, in a bad mood, peeved, vexed, upset, irked, piqued, out of humour, put out, displeased, galled, resentful
irritable, short-tempered, bad-tempered, hot-tempered, ill-humoured, surly, churlish, disagreeable, irascible, touchy, snappy, snappish, impatient, peevish, petulant, fractious, crotchety, grouchy, grumpy, querulous, cantankerous, testy, tetchy, crabby, captious, splenetic, choleric, dyspeptic, waspish
informal mad, hopping mad, wild, livid, apoplectic, aerated, hot under the collar, riled, on the warpath, up in arms, foaming at the mouth, steamed up, in a lather, fit to be tied
British informal shirty, stroppy, narky, ratty, eggy, not best pleased, as cross as two sticks, in a paddy
Northern English informal mardy
North American informal sore, steamed, bent out of shape, soreheaded, teed off, ticked off
Australian, New Zealand informal ropeable, snaky, crook
West Indian informal vex
British informal, dated in a bate, waxy
vulgar slang pissed off
North American vulgar slang pissed
literary ireful, wroth

pleased, good-humoured


    cross something out

    ‘he crossed out several sentences’

    delete, strike out, strike through, ink out, score out, scratch out, block out, blank out, edit out, blue-pencil, cancel, eliminate, obliterate
    technical dele