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1‘a crummy little flat in Stoke Newington’

inferior, substandard, below standard, below par, poor, bad, deficient, defective, faulty, imperfect, mediocre, inadequate, insufficient
appalling, abject, abysmal, atrocious, awful, terrible, dreadful, unsatisfactory, low-grade, second-rate, third-rate, jerry-built, shoddy, crude, tinny, trashy, miserable, wretched, lamentable, deplorable, pitiful, execrable
unpleasant, disagreeable, uncomfortable, nasty, horrible, dismal, appalling, hateful, frightful, unacceptable
informal dire, bum, diabolical, rotten, sad, tatty, tenth-rate
British informal ropy, duff, rubbish, rubbishy, pants, a load of pants, grotty
US informal weak sauce
vulgar slang crap, crappy
archaic direful
rare egregious