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1‘she'd put a curse on him’

malediction, the evil eye, imprecation, execration, voodoo, hoodoo
anathema, excommunication
North American hex
Irish cess
informal jinx
archaic malison, ban

2‘those who seek to overcome the curse of racism’

evil, blight, scourge, plague, cancer, canker, poison

3‘the curse of unemployment’

affliction, burden, cross to bear, bane, bitter pill, misfortune, misery, ordeal, trial, tribulation, torment, trouble, problem

blessing, advantage

4‘I heard the sound of breaking glass and muffled curses’

swear word, expletive, oath, profanity, four-letter word, dirty word, obscenity, imprecation, blasphemy, vulgarism, vulgarity
swearing, bad language, foul language, strong language
informal cuss, cuss word


1‘it seemed as if the family had been cursed’

put a curse on, put the evil eye on, execrate, imprecate, hoodoo
anathematize, excommunicate, damn
North American hex
informal put a jinx on, jinx
rare accurse

2‘Miss Lewis was cursed with self-consciousness and feelings of inadequacy’

be afflicted with, be troubled by, be plagued with, suffer from, be burdened with, be blighted with, be bedevilled by

be blessed with

3‘drivers were cursing and sounding their horns’

swear, utter profanities, utter oaths, use bad language, use foul language, be foul-mouthed, blaspheme, be blasphemous, take the Lord's name in vain, swear like a trooper, damn
informal cuss, turn the air blue, eff and blind
archaic execrate