Synonyms of damn in English:


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1‘if we did not believe in God, we would be damned’

curse, put a curse on, put the evil eye on, execrate, imprecate, hoodoo
anathematize, excommunicate
North American hex
informal put a jinx on, jinx
rare accurse


2‘we are certainly not going to damn a product just because it is non-traditional’

condemn, censure, criticize, attack, denounce, deplore, decry, revile, inveigh against
blame, chastise, castigate, berate, upbraid, reprimand, rebuke, reprove, reprehend, take to task, find fault with, give someone a bad press, give something a bad press
deprecate, disparage
informal slam, hammer, lay into, cane, blast
British informal slate, slag off, have a go at
archaic slash, reprobate
rare excoriate, vituperate, arraign, objurgate, anathematize

acclaim, praise


1‘your evidence isn't worth a damn’

jot, whit, iota, rap, scrap, bit
one bit, even a little bit, the smallest amount, the tiniest bit
informal hoot, two hoots, tinker's curse, tinker's cuss, brass farthing