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1‘each of the damned souls was guarded by a demon’

cursed, accursed, doomed, lost, condemned to hell, execrated
anathematized, excommunicated
informal jinxed

2‘this damned car won't start’

blasted, damn, flaming, precious, confounded, pestilential, rotten, wretched
British informal blessed, flipping, blinking, blooming, blimming, bloody, bleeding, effing, chuffing
North American informal goddam
Australian, New Zealand informal plurry
British informal, dated bally, ruddy, deuced
vulgar slang fucking, frigging, pissing, shitty
British vulgar slang sodding
North American vulgar slang chickenshit
US, Australian vulgar slang pissant
Irish vulgar slang fecking
dated cursed, accursed, damnable