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1‘each of the damned souls was guarded by a demon’

cursed, accursed, doomed, lost, condemned to hell, execrated
anathematized, excommunicated
coloquial jinxed

2‘this damned car won't start’

blasted, damn, flaming, precious, confounded, pestilential, rotten, wretched
Britanico coloquial blessed, flipping, blinking, blooming, blimming, bloody, bleeding, effing, chuffing
Norteamericano coloquial goddam
inglés de Australia, inglés de Nueva Zelanda coloquial plurry
Britanico coloquial, anticuado bally, ruddy, deuced
malsonante fucking, frigging, pissing, shitty
Britanico malsonante sodding
Norteamericano malsonante chickenshit
EEUU, inglés de Australia malsonante pissant
inglés de Irlanda malsonante fecking
anticuado cursed, accursed, damnable