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1‘he danced with her at the party’

trip, sway, spin, whirl, twirl, pirouette, gyrate
informal bop, disco, rock, shake a leg, hoof it, cut a rug, trip the light fantastic
North American informal get down, step it
archaic foot it, tread a measure

2‘a dozen sweet-faced little girls danced round me chanting’

caper, cavort, frisk, frolic, skip, prance, romp, gambol, jig, bound, leap, jump, spring, bob, hop, trip, bounce
rare rollick

3‘she could see flames dancing in the fireplace’

flicker, sparkle, twinkle, shimmer, leap, ripple, dart, play, flick, flit, quiver, jiggle, joggle, oscillate


1‘they were going to a dance’

ball, discotheque
tea dance, dinner dance, masked ball, masquerade
North American prom, hoedown
thé dansant
informal disco, hop, bop