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1‘he was dazed from being flung out of the car’

stun, stupefy, knock senseless, knock unconscious, knock out, lay out
informal knock for six, knock the stuffing out of

2‘she was still dazed by the revelations of the past half hour’

astound, amaze, astonish, startle, take someone's breath away, dumbfound, stupefy, overwhelm, overcome, overpower, devastate, dismay, disconcert, stagger, shock, confound, bewilder, take aback, nonplus, shake up
informal flabbergast, knock for six, knock sideways, knock the stuffing out of, hit like a ton of bricks, bowl over, floor, blow away


1‘he was walking around in a daze’

stupor, state of stupefaction, state of shock, trance-like state, haze, confused state, spin, whirl, muddle, jumble
confusion, bewilderment, distraction, numbness
Scottish dwam