Synonyms of dazzle in English:


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1‘she was dazzled by the headlights’

blind temporarily, deprive of sight

2‘I was dazzled by the beauty and breadth of the exhibition’

overpower, overcome, overwhelm, impress, bedazzle, strike, move, stir, affect, touch, sweep someone off their feet, awe, overawe, leave speechless, take someone's breath away, spellbind, hypnotize, fascinate, take aback, daze, stagger, floor, amaze, astonish
informal bowl over, blow away, knock out


1‘dazzle can be a problem to sensitive eyes’

glare, flare, blaze, brightness, brilliance, gleam, flash, shimmer, radiance, shine

2‘he happily endured the dazzle of the limelight’

sparkle, glitter, showiness, flashiness, brilliance, glory
splendour, magnificence, glamour, attraction, lure, allure, draw, drawing power, fascination, captivation, appeal
informal razzle-dazzle, razzmatazz, pizzazz, pull