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1‘the company was unable to pay its debts’

bill, account, tally, financial obligation, outstanding payment, amount due, money owing
dues, arrears, debits, charges
North American check
informal tab
archaic score

2‘he wanted to acknowledge his debt to the author’

indebtedness, obligation, liability
gratitude, appreciation, thanks


    in someone's debt

    ‘after what Clive had done, Chris would be forever in his debt’

    indebted to, beholden to, obliged to, duty-bound to, honour-bound to, obligated to, under an obligation to, owing someone a debt of gratitude, owing someone thanks
    grateful, thankful, appreciative
    in debt

    ‘he was forever short of money and frequently in debt’

    owing money, in arrears, behind with payments, late with payments, overdue with payments, overdrawn
    insolvent, bankrupt, bankrupted, ruined, in the hands of the receivers
    British in liquidation
    informal in the red, in Queer Street, on the rocks, gone to the wall, bust
    British informal, dated in Carey Street

    in credit