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1‘they took no time at all to decide’

resolve, determine, make up one's mind, make a decision, come to a decision, reach a decision, come to a conclusion, reach a conclusion, settle on a plan of action
elect, choose, opt, plan, aim, commit oneself, have the intention, have in mind, set one's sights on


2‘further research is needed to decide a variety of questions’

settle, resolve, bring to a conclusion, determine, work out, answer, clinch, confirm
informal sort out, figure out

3‘the court declined to decide the case’

adjudicate, arbitrate, adjudge, judge, umpire, referee
hear, try, examine
make a judgement on, pass judgement on, sit in judgement on, pronounce judgement on, pronounce on, give a verdict on, make a ruling on, rule on
informal ref


    decide on

    ‘we decided on a coffee’

    choose, opt for, select, pick, pick out, go for, settle on, plump for, plump on, single out, take, fix on
    British pitch on