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1‘the president was deposed by the army’

overthrow, overturn, topple, bring down, remove from office, remove, unseat, dethrone, supplant, displace
dismiss, discharge, oust, drum out, throw out, force out, drive out, expel, eject
strip of rank, demote
Military cashier
informal sack, fire, axe, chuck out, boot out, defenestrate, get rid of, give someone the push, give someone the boot, give someone their marching orders, show someone the door
British informal turf out

2‘an independent witness deposed that he had seen the accused’

Law swear, testify, attest, undertake, assert, declare, profess, aver, submit, claim
swear on the Bible, swear under oath, state on oath, make a deposition, give an undertaking, solemnly promise
rare asseverate, represent