Synonyms of derogate in English:


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1‘his contribution has been underestimated and derogated by his critics’

disparage, denigrate, belittle, diminish, deprecate, downplay, detract from, deflate, decry, discredit, cast aspersions on, downgrade, slight, run down, criticize, defame, vilify, abuse, insult, attack, speak ill of, speak evil of, pour scorn on
informal bad-mouth, do a hatchet job on, take to pieces, pull apart, throw mud at, drag through the mud, have a go at, hit out at, lay into, tear into, knock, slam, pan, bash, hammer, roast, skewer, bad-mouth, throw brickbats at
British informal rubbish, slag off, monster, slate
North American informal pummel, dump on
Australian, New Zealand informal bag
archaic contemn
rare vituperate, asperse, vilipend


2‘agreeing to swear such an oath would certainly have derogated the majesty of the king’

detract from, devalue, diminish
reduce, lessen, lower, depreciate, take away from
demean, cheapen, defame

improve, increase

3‘there is no person who can make rules which override or derogate from an Act of Parliament’

deviate, diverge, depart, take away, digress, veer, swerve, drift, stray
differ, vary
conflict with, be incompatible with