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1‘journalists reported considerable destruction within the town by allied bombers’

demolition, knocking down, pulling down, tearing down, levelling, razing, razing to the ground, felling, dismantling, breaking up, wrecking, ruination, smashing, shattering, blasting, blowing up, dynamiting, bombing, carpet bombing, torpedoing

2‘the continuing destruction of the countryside’

spoliation, devastation, spoiling, ruination, wrecking, blighting, marring, disfigurement, impairment, defacing, scarring, injury, harm, laying waste, desolation, ravaging
literary wasting

3‘the destruction of BSE-infected cattle’

killing, killing off, putting down, putting to sleep, slaughter, slaughtering, extermination, termination

4‘the careful and strategic destruction of the enemies' forces’

annihilation, wiping out, obliteration, elimination, eradication, liquidation, extinction, finishing off, rooting out, extirpation
killing, slaughter, slaughtering, massacre, massacring, butchery, butchering, extermination, decimation
informal taking out, rubbing out, snuffing out, zapping
North American informal wasting