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1‘he had made a replica of the uniform, correct in every detail’

particular, feature, characteristic, respect, ingredient, attribute, item, specific, fact, piece of information, point, factor, element, circumstance, consideration, aspect, facet, side, part, unit, component, constituent, member, accessory

outline, overview

2‘never mind—that's just a detail’

unimportant point, insignificant item, trivial fact, nicety, subtlety
triviality, technicality, minor detail, petty detail, mere detail, matter of no importance, thing of no importance, matter of no consequence, thing of no consequence, trifle, fine point, incidental, non-essential, inessential, nothing
trivia, minutiae
informal deets

salient point

3‘some clubs maintain their records with a considerable degree of detail’

precision, exactness, accuracy, rigour, strictness, thoroughness, carefulness, scrupulousness, meticulousness, particularity

4‘the sergeant major was inspecting a guard detail’

unit, detachment, squad, troop, contingent, outfit, task force, crew, patrol, section, formation

5‘I didn't often get the toilet detail’

task, job, duty, chore, charge, labour, piece of work, piece of business, assignment, function, commission, secondment, mission, engagement, occupation, undertaking, exercise, business, office, responsibility, errand


1‘the report details a series of objections to the plan’

present, describe, set out, set forth, draw up, delineate, frame
explain, expound, relate, give an account of, recount, narrate, recite, rehearse, catalogue, list, spell out, point out, itemize, enumerate, tabulate, particularize
identify, specify, define, state, declare, announce, cite, quote, instance, mention, name, designate, be specific about
rare individuate


2‘troops were detailed to prevent the feared rescue attempt’

assign, allocate, appoint, delegate, commission, ordain, charge, send, post, nominate, vote, elect, adopt, co-opt, select, choose


    in detail

    ‘this assumption will be examined in detail in Chapter 3’

    thoroughly, in depth, exhaustively, from top to bottom, minutely, closely, point by point, item by item, blow by blow, meticulously, rigorously, scrupulously, assiduously, conscientiously, painstakingly, methodically, carefully, sedulously, completely, comprehensively, fully, to the fullest extent, intensively, extensively