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1‘because of the extractor fans, no one had detected the smell of diesel’

notice, become aware of, perceive, note, discern, make out, observe, spot, become conscious of, recognize, distinguish, mark, remark, identify, diagnose
catch, decry, sense, see, catch sight of, smell, scent, taste
British informal clock
literary behold, descry, espy

2‘the directors are responsible for preventing and detecting fraud’

discover, uncover, find, find out, turn up, unearth, dig up, dredge up, root out, hunt out, nose out, ferret out, expose, reveal, bring to light, bring into the open
come across, stumble on, chance on, hit on, encounter

3‘police are still hoping to detect this crime’

solve, clear up, get to the bottom of, find the perpetrator of, find the person behind
informal figure out, crack

4‘hackers can make huge sums of money before being detected’

catch, hunt down, find, expose, reveal, unmask, smoke out, ferret out, track down, apprehend, arrest
informal nail