Synonyms of deviant in English:


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1‘deviant behaviour’

aberrant, deviating, divergent, abnormal, atypical, untypical, non-typical, anomalous, digressive, irregular, non-standard
nonconformist, rogue, perverse, transgressing, wayward
strange, odd, peculiar, uncommon, unusual, freak, freakish, curious, bizarre, eccentric, idiosyncratic, unorthodox, exceptional, singular, unrepresentative
distorted, twisted, warped, perverted
North American informal backasswards
informal bent, kinky, quirky

normal, orthodox


1‘lone parents are likely to be treated as deviants’

nonconformist, eccentric, maverick, individualist, exception, outsider, misfit, fish out of water, square peg in a round hole, round peg in a square hole
informal oddball, odd fish, weirdo, weirdie, freak, bad boy
North American informal screwball, kook
US informal wackadoo, wackadoodle