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1‘they dug my garden for me’

cultivate, till, harrow, plough, turn over, work, break up, spade
delve, break up soil, break up earth, break up ground, move earth, move soil

2‘they tried to dig a tunnel under the house’

excavate, dig out, quarry, hollow out, scoop out, gouge out, cut, bore, tunnel, burrow, mine, channel

3‘there were no cows to milk and no vegetables to dig’

unearth, dig up, pull up, grub up, root up, root out, bring to the surface, extract from the ground
harvest, gather, collect

4‘Winnie dug her elbow into his ribs’

poke, prod, jab, stab, shove, ram, push, thrust, drive, nudge

5‘they asked questions and dug into my past’

delve, probe, search, inquire, look
investigate, research, examine, scrutinize, check up on, vet
North American check out

6‘he's great and I dig talking with him’

like, love, adore, take great pleasure in, delight in, enjoy, appreciate, be keen on
informal get a kick out of, get a buzz out of
British informal go a bundle on


7‘this art is symbolic—do you dig me?’

understand, comprehend, follow
grasp, make out
informal get, get someone's drift, get the picture, see the light


1‘Emma gave me a dig in the ribs’

poke, prod, jab, stab, shove, push, nudge, elbow

2‘they're always making digs at one another’

snide remark, cutting remark, jibe, jeer, taunt, sneer, insult, barb, slur, slight, affront, insinuation
informal wisecrack, crack, put-down


    dig something up

    1‘the bodies were hastily dug up’

    exhume, disinter, unearth, bring to the surface, bring out of the ground
    rare disentomb, unbury

    2‘they dug up scandalous facts about top businessmen’

    uncover, unearth, dredge up, root out, hunt out, ferret out, nose out, sniff out, track down, extricate, find, find out, turn up, come across, discover, detect, reveal, bring to light, bring into the open, expose