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1‘the village is over the moor in a northerly direction’

way, route, course, line, run, bearing, orientation

2‘there's uncertainty over the political direction the newspaper might adopt’

orientation, inclination, leaning, tendency
bent, bias, preference, disposition
drift, aim, tack, attitude, tone, tenor, mood, feel, style, flavour, vein
current, trend

3‘the department is under the direction of a senior executive’

administration, management, supervision, superintendence, government, regulation, orchestration
control, command, rule
conduct, handling, running, overseeing, masterminding
leadership, guidance

4‘the ward sister gave explicit directions about nursing care’

instruction, command, order, bidding, charge, injunction, dictate, decree, edict, enjoinment, prescription, rule, regulation, requirement
guideline, recommendation, suggestion
guidance, information, briefing