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1‘the hijacker ordered the crew to fly directly to New York’

straight, right, in a straight line, as the crow flies, by a direct route, without deviation, in a beeline, by the shortest route

2‘she'll be down here directly’

immediately, at once, instantly, right away, straight away, now, instantaneously, post-haste, without delay, without hesitation, forthwith
quickly, speedily, promptly
soon, as soon as possible, ASAP, shortly, in a little while, in a second, in a moment, in a trice, in a flash, in no time, in less than no time, in no time at all, before you know it
informal pronto, double quick, p.d.q., pretty damn quick, before you can say Jack Robinson, in a bit, in a jiffy, in two shakes, in two shakes of a lamb's tail
British informal in a tick, in two ticks, in a mo
archaic, informal anon

3‘he'd never spoken directly to his lordship’

face to face, personally, in person, without an intermediary, at first hand, head on, direct, man to man

4‘they sat down directly opposite him’

exactly, immediately, precisely, right, squarely, just, dead
informal bang

5‘we didn't talk directly about sex’

frankly, bluntly, straightforwardly, openly, candidly, outspokenly, forthrightly, without beating around the bush, point-blank, matter-of-factly, without prevarication
explicitly, clearly, plainly, unequivocally, unambiguously, categorically
sincerely, truthfully

equivocally, euphemistically


1‘directly he had finished praying he looked up’

as soon as, the moment, the instant, the second, once, when, immediately after