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1‘he disapproves of gamblers’

express a poor opinion of, have a poor opinion of, dislike, be against, object to, find unacceptable, think wrong, take exception to, not believe in, not support, frown on, take a dim view of, look askance at
be dissatisfied with, be displeased with, be hostile towards
detest, deplore, despise, loathe
criticize, censure, blame, condemn, denounce, decry, reproach, rebuke, reprove, remonstrate against
disparage, deprecate
coloquial look down one's nose at, knock
marginal animadvert


2‘the board disapproved the bank's plan’

reject, refuse, turn down, veto, disallow, set aside, throw out, dismiss, say ‘no’ to, rule against, rule out
coloquial give the thumbs down to

approve, accept