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1‘Amanda was not discountenanced by the accusation’

disconcert, discomfit, unsettle, nonplus, catch off balance, throw off balance, take aback, unnerve, disorient, perturb, disturb, perplex, confuse, bewilder, baffle, fluster, ruffle, shake, upset, agitate, worry, dismay, put out of countenance, discompose
put someone off their stride, put someone off their stroke, distract
embarrass, abash
coloquial throw, faze, make someone scratch their head, discombobulate, rattle, set someone back on their heels, psych out
arcaico cause to be at a stand, gravel

2‘in some parts of the Puritan country, kissing was discountenanced at weddings’

disapprove of, frown on, take a dim view of, be against, not believe in, object to, find unacceptable, think wrong