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1‘two guards discovered her hiding in the back of the minivan’

find, locate, come across, come upon, stumble on, chance on, light on, bring to light, uncover, unearth, turn up, track down
run down, run to earth, run to ground, smoke out


2‘I discovered that she had been lying’

find out, come to know, learn, realize, recognize, see, ascertain, work out, fathom out, detect, determine, spot, notice, perceive
dig out, dig up, ferret out, root out, nose out, dredge up
reveal, disclose
informal get wise to the fact, get wind of the fact, have an aha moment, figure out, sniff out, rumble, tumble to
British informal twig, suss out
North American informal dope out

conceal, hide

3‘scientists have discovered a new way of dating fossil crustaceans’

hit on, come up with, invent, originate, devise, design, contrive, conceive of
pioneer, develop