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1‘I've been offered a lot of money for information which might discredit him’

disgrace, dishonour, bring into disrepute, damage someone's reputation, blacken someone's name, destroy someone's credibility, drag through the mire, drag through the mud, put in a bad light, show in a bad light, reflect badly on, compromise, give someone a bad name, bring into disfavour
stigmatize, detract from, disparage, denigrate, devalue, diminish, demean, belittle
defame, slander, cast aspersions on, malign, vilify, calumniate, smear, tarnish, besmirch, soil
North American slur
informal do a hatchet job on
literary smirch, besmear

do credit to

2‘that theory has since been discredited’

disprove, prove false, prove wrong, invalidate, explode, drive a coach and horses through, give the lie to, refute, reject, deny
challenge, dispute, raise doubts about, shake one's faith in
informal debunk, shoot full of holes, shoot down, shoot down in flames, blow sky-high, blow out of the water
rare controvert, confute, negative

prove, confirm


1‘they committed crimes which brought discredit on the administration’

dishonour, disrepute, ill repute, loss of reputation, loss of respect, disgrace, shame, humiliation, ignominy, infamy, notoriety
censure, blame, reproach, odium, opprobrium
stigma, harm, damage, scandal
rare disesteem

honour, glory

2‘the ships were a discredit to the country’

disgrace, source of disgrace, source of shame, reproach
bad reflection on, blot on the escutcheon of