Synonyms of dispatch in English:


(also despatch)

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1‘the press releases have all been dispatched’

send, send off, mail, ship, freight
forward, transmit, consign, remit, convey
British post

2‘all serious business was dispatched in the morning’

deal with, finish, dispose of, conclude, settle, sort out, discharge, execute, perform
expedite, push through, accelerate, hasten, speed up, hurry on
informal make short work of

3‘in such films the good guy must always dispatch a host of vicious villains’

kill, put to death, do to death, do away with, put an end to, finish off, take the life of, end the life of
slaughter, butcher, massacre, wipe out, mow down, shoot down, cut down, destroy, exterminate, eliminate, eradicate, annihilate
murder, assassinate, execute
informal bump off, knock off, polish off, do in, top, take out, snuff out, erase, croak, stiff, zap, blow away, blow someone's brains out, give someone the works
North American informal ice, off, rub out, waste, whack, smoke, scrag
North American euphemistic terminate with extreme prejudice
literary slay


1‘we have 125 cases of wine ready for dispatch’

sending, mailing, shipping, transmittal, consignment
British posting

2‘he carries out his duties with efficiency and dispatch’

promptness, speed, speediness, swiftness, rapidity, quickness, briskness, haste, hastiness, hurriedness, urgency
literary fleetness, celerity
rare expedition, expeditiousness, promptitude

3‘she read out the latest dispatch from the front’

communication, communiqué, bulletin, release, report, account, announcement, statement, missive, letter, epistle, message, instruction
news, intelligence
informal memo, info, low-down, dope
literary tidings

4‘the hound was used for the capture and dispatch of the wolf’

killing, slaughter, massacre, destruction, extermination, elimination, liquidation
murder, assassination, execution
literary slaying