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1‘we need somewhere where we won't be disturbed while we have our chat’

interrupt, intrude on, butt in on, barge in on
distract, interfere with, disrupt, bother, trouble, pester, plague, harass, molest
informal horn in on, hassle

2‘he does not want his books and papers disturbed’

disarrange, muddle, rearrange, disorganize, disorder, mix up, interfere with
confuse, throw into confusion, throw into disorder, derange, get into a tangle
unsettle, convulse, turn upside down, make a mess of

3‘the surface waters are constantly disturbed by winds’

agitate, churn up, stir up, whisk, beat, convulse, ruffle
literary roil

4‘he wasn't disturbed by all the allegations’

perturb, trouble, concern, worry, upset
agitate, fluster, discomfit, disconcert, dismay, distress, discompose, unsettle, ruffle, stir up
alarm, frighten, startle, shake
confuse, bewilder, perplex, confound, daze, excite

5‘his mother had told him not to disturb himself’

inconvenience, put out, put to trouble, discommode